Venus and trial of nebulosa

The resplendisante Venus

Mars 01, 2017

In the begin of month, Venus is particularly bright and big in the evening. So I could take nice pictures of it. And the phase was very prounounce.

Fig 1. The beautiful Venus.

The moon was laso present during the obeservation, it is always nice to take some picture of it (and very easy!).

Fig 2. The moon as grat as always.
Fig 3. Another picture that I find quite nice.

The great nebulosa of Orion was very easy to observ and looking very nice in the ocular of the telescope. So I tried to take picture of it, but without the telescope compensating the earth telescope, the task receal to be impossible, since the clouds are not very bright one need to increase the exposure time of the camera, but then it become impossible to follow the object with the camera. I'm working on the telescope to setup it to compensate the earth rotation.

Fig 4. The great nebulosa of Orion. I swear you, it is there, but not visible :(

You can find some nice pictures on the Wikipedia page. As well than the sky map from ESA.

While trying to take picture of the nebulosa, I was increasing the exposure time of the camera. Unfortunatelly, I never manage to shoot on the nebulosa, but I did a nice picture of the sky with a lot of starts revealed (the exposure time was of the order of 100 micro seconds).

Fig 5. A sky full of star!

To really appreciate this picture, I advise you to download the picture at it original resolution and to zoom in. You will see plenty of white spot!

You can download all the pictures of the session with this link, The original pictures.