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First trial of the raspberry pi!

November 4, 2016

I'm happy to present this blog to you that will mainly concern the astronomy world. At the date of this post, I just bought a raspberry pi A+ to be able to take photo of the sky using the pi camera. I wish in the future being able as well to control the telescope using the raspberry pi.

Now that I briefly presented what I wanted to do. I will enter a bit more in the details. I have in my possesion a telescope Meade ETX 125. This telescope is relatively small (125 mm), but considering that I'm leaving in a city it is totally fine with me. And as I'm not an expert, this telescope is perfect for a debutant. I have been using this telescope for some years already, and it is a long time that I wanted to try photography with it. But camera for telescope a quite expensive, and not obviously compatible with Linux (my favorite OS). More than one year ago, I did the purchase of my first raspberry pi. This little computer is really amazing, and I'm using it to do self hosting (allowing me to write my first website). I started to be quite interested on the raspberry world, and when I discovered that some people were using the raspberry pi with them telescope, I thought, why not me?

And here I am, I bought a raspberry pi 1 A+ (because of it low energy comsumption), a camera module and I'm now starting to play around with my new toy.....