Ganymede eclipse on Jupiter

Superbe pictures of Jupiter with the shadow of Ganymede.

April 07, 2017

This year Jupiter is in oposition with the earth in April. It is therefore a very good time to do observation of the planet.

Fig 1. The great Jupiter bighting likes a thousand fires.
Fig 2. Another pictures changing the parameters of the camera.

I realized during the observation like a shadow on the border of Jupiter. After looking to the photo, this shadow was very clear, and always at the same poition of the planet (removing the possibility of an arctefact on the camera). Therefore, it was probaly caused by a sattellite passing between the planet and the sun. Checking on internet for the position of the Jupiter's satellites, I found that corresponding to my observation times, Ganymede was passing in front of the planet projecting its shadow on it, in other therms, an eclipse!

Fig 3. The Eclipse of Ganymede on Jupiter.

The shadow is also very clear with the following video,

The moon was present as well during my observations. it is always nice too take photo of it. And I think that the ones of today are particurlarly nice.

Fig 4. A first picture of the moon.
Fig 5. A second picture of the moon.

You can download all the pictures of the session with this link, The original pictures.