Saturn: The star of the night

Saturn: The star of the night

June 10, 2017

Saturn is at the opposition this month, so it is the best time to take some nice pictures of it.
Even if the sky was not optimal, the pictures are much better than for the last session. The rings are clearly visible, and we see (it is not very obvious) a black line inside the rings that probably correspond to the Cassini division.

Fig 1. The beautiful saturn dressed with its rings.

A bit darker picture but it gives nice contrast.

Fig 2. A darker pictur of saturn with higher contrast.

Increasing the luminosity, we can see the largest Saturn satellite, Titan. The red circle indicate the satellite position.

Fig 3. Titan, the largest saturn satelite.

Jupiter and the moon wheralso of the party.

Fig 3. Jupiter, as big as always
Fig 5. Not my best picture of the moon, but always nice to see.

You can download all the pictures of the session with this link, The original pictures.