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First photo of the moon :)

November 15, 2016

I'm proud to show you my first pictures of the moon taken with my home made camera that I showed you in the last post. The quality is very low and we can not see so much details, but I remeber that at this date I still don't have any way of seeing what the computer shows (still waiting for this bluetooth donglet). The sky was also a bit cloudy, so the low quality of the photo could also come from this.

Fig 1. The best picture of the night. we can see a bit of details. The photo was taken with a resolution of 1280x720.
Fig 2. Another "good" photo taken this time with a resolution of 640x640.

The photo are very bright. I will have to learn to adjust correctly the parameters. I'm almost sure that a bit of image processing would help, but I will have to learn (python will probably be my friend one more time). As you may know, the 14 of november was very "close" of the earth so quite bright, and the full moon is not the best to see details of the moon. But anyway I'm very happy to have succeed with this home made camera!! Hope to post much more photos of better quality. You can download all the pictures of the night with this link.