First pictures of Jupiter

The great Jupiter

January 20, 2017

Jupiter start to be visible in the middle of the night, and since the weather was good (and it was difficult to sleep with the Tamborrada of Donostia) I decided to try to take some photos of Jupiter.

Fig 1. One of the best pictures, The different clouds layers are visible.
Fig 2. Another pictures where one of the satellite is visible (particularly after a bit of image processing).
Fig 3. With a gray scale.

The pictures of Jupiter are not very net. It was difficult to focus correctly mainly because of the presence of clouds close to the horizon. I hope to get better pictures in few months when Jupiter will be high in the sky.

Using the motor of the telescope to move was really helpful to follow Jupiter. But I still didn't succeed to align it to follow earth rotation.

The moon was also rising a bit after Jupiter, so I took some more pictures

Fig 4. I like a lot this pictures. It present a very high level of details
Fig 5. The same pictures in gray scale.
Fig 6. A last photo showing a fracture on the moon

You can download all the pictures of the session with this link, The original pictures.