Trial of nebula

Trial of nebula

June 10, 2017

It has been a while since my last post, I have been quite busy and my next post will also be in quite q while I think. Anyway, it was finally good weather here in donostia and I took the oortunity to take few photos. It was also the occasion to try my new infra-red camera and the new setup using a 3D printed holder. Since no planets were in the sky at this time excepted Uranus, but it is too hard to take photos of it, I took only photo of the moon, and I try also to take some photo of the Orion nebula.

Fig 1. A first trial of the Orion nebula. A light shade is visible near the star, but it maybe caused by noise.

This picture is one of the best that I got, it was realized with a long exposure time (for the Raspberry pi) of around 10 seconds. Almost only the stars are visible, but a light shade is present around the stars that could be the presence of the clouds. Or it is just some noise from the camera or something else. A second photo taken few second later show the same pattern, which is encouraging.

Fig 2. Same exposure time that last picture which show similar pattern.

A third picture with less exposure time (~ 3s) does not show anything else than the stars.

Fig 3. With less exposure time only stars are visible.

I took also some pictures of the moon, but they are far from being the bests.

Fig 4. A relatively bad picture of the moon.

Finally a rare picture of Donostia with snow (probably the best picture of the post), since it is very rare here to see snow, it is worse to show it!

Fig 5. Donostia and snow, it did not snow that much since 1996.

You can download all the pictures of the session with this link, The original pictures.