Education (CV)


Originally from France (Bordeaux), I did all my education until the Bachelor there. In High School I did a specialization in science, and got my High School diploma in 2009. I continued at the University of Bordeaux where I got my Bachelor of Physics in 2012. Then I went for one year in Germany with Erasmus at the Friedrich Schiller university in Jena with a specialization in Optics. I finally went to Spain to finish my Master at the university of Basque Country and continued there with a PhD in nanosciences at the Centro de Fisica de Materiales. I'm now working at Simbeyond, a dutch company developing software for organic electronic.

Professional experiences

Years Title Place
May 2020 -- Present Metrology Functional Design Engineer at ASML ASML Veldhoven, the Netherlands
May 2018 -- April 2020 Technical Consultant - Physics at Simbeyond Simbeyond Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Detailled Education

Years Title Place Grade
September 2014 -- May 2018 PhD : Plasmons in Nanoparticles: Atomistic Ab Initio Theory for Large Systems The manuscript can be downloaded from the CFM website. Centro de Fisica de Materiales San-Sebastian, Spain Cum Laude
September 2013 -- September 2014 Master in Nanotechnology : First-principles calculation of plasmonic resonances and electric field enhancement in metal-cluster dimers (PDF). Centro de Fisica de Materiales San-Sebastian, Spain 8.5/10
September 2012 -- September 2013 Master of Optics and Photonics : Characterization of the Guided Second-Harmonic Signal in Lithium Niobate Nanowires by Fourier Imaging (PDF). Abbe School of Photonics, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany 7.5/10
September 2009 -- September 2012 Bachelor in Physics: Final internship, Mise en oeuvre d’une extention en \(O(N^{3})\) de la méthode GW de Hedin sur des Cristaux périodique. (PDF). Bordeaux university, Bordeaux, France 15.4/20


Years Formation Description place
September 2014 -- May 2018 PHD: Description of electronics excitation and plasmonics resonances in nanostructures using first principle calculations. I performed My PHD under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Sánchez- Portal ( and Dr. Peter Koval ( The aim of the PHD is to work on Nanostructure as Sodium and Silver clusters by participating to the implementation of a Time Dependent Density Functional Theory (TDDFT). We succeed to achieved several objectives:
  1. Investigating the field enhancement in nanocavities (Atomistic Near-Field Nanoplasmonics: Reaching Atomic-Scale Resolution in Nanooptics)
  2. Calculating Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy at atomic scale (publication to come)
  3. Get enhanced Raman signal in nanocavities(Plasmonic Response of Metallic Nanojunctions Driven by Single Atom Motion: Quantum Transport Revealed in Optics).
The PHD imply to work in an international team therefore all the work and communications are done in English. It is also necessary to be autonomous and a lot of work on the presentation of the results must be done, in particular for publication purpose and for the regular conferences that impose to prepare poster and oral presentations. In this PHD I am doing implementation work necessitating high level of programming in Fortran and Python.
Centro de Fisica de Materiales, San-Sebastian, Spain
March 2013 -- August 2013 Internship During this internship I studied lithium niobate \( (\text{LiN bO}_{3}) \) nanowires (NW) which are capable of producing and guiding second- harmonic (SH) signal. I applied the Fourier optics for characterizing the SH signal distribution at the NW input and output. In order to do so, I built an experimental setup to performs Fourier transformation of the signal and I analyzed the obtained experimental results. Notably, I showed that the output SH signal had the shape of a torch. Institute of Applied Physics, Jena, Germany
May 2012 -- September 2012 Internship During this internship I studied periodic crystal and organics semiconductors in order to understand how the code was developed in order to get an \( O(N^{3}) \) efficiency. I participated as well to the code implementation. Laboratoire Ondes et Matières Aquitaine, Bordeaux, France and Centro de Fisica de Materiales, San-Sebastian, Spain
05/2011 -- 07/2011 Internship Small work at the end of my second year of bachelor on Quantum mechanics and Python. Laboratoire Ondes et Matières Aquitaine, Bordeaux, France


Years Name
2014 -- 2018 Basque gouvernment PHD scholarship
2014 -- 2018 PHD scholarship from Centro de Fisica de Materiales
2013 Master scholarship
2012 -- 2014 Merit scholarship from the CROUS for excellent results during the Bachelor.
2012 Erasmus mobility scholarship Aquimob